Simple, yet powerful solution for online data management

Table Headquarters (THQ) is a customizable web application intended for storing all kinds of data in a table-like format,
where records can be related to each other in various ways, however you want, to suit your record keeping and data storing needs.

Try out the DEMO* now by clicking on the image bellow. For username and password use: ‘admin’.
*NOTE: You will not be able to add new data tables in the demo version.


App features:

Access all your data through a simple web interface that requires login for each user.
Set roles and permissions for each user group or specific user and control who can see and edit what.

Store any kind of data in table-like format of your choice:
Supported field types: text, numbers, dates, yes/no fields, web links, pictures, files.

Enter data through auto-generated forms that ensure all records contain the data you expect them to.
You can use existing records to speed up the process of adding new records and even get entry suggestions, based on previously saved records.

Connect tables with each other automatically and create relations between records however you like: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many.
This simple feature enables you to create complex relational databases and record keeping systems that are still very simple to navigate and display, meaning you will quickly find the data you are looking for.

Easily search through all or specific tables and sort your data by any field to find what you need in seconds.

Save reports into PDF format that is easy to use and print.
Export your data into standard XML or CSV format for easy backup and migration.

Enable change log to see exactly who, when and what was changed in any record and table.

Supports English and Slovenian language.
Ready for translation to other languages.

Various other features and settings that help you manage your data and users who are allowed to access it.

Pricing options

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Make sure you try out the demo and send any questions you might have before purchase.